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 Suzuki A100

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Suzuki A100  Empty
PostSubject: Suzuki A100    Suzuki A100  EmptyTue Jan 26, 2016 2:24 pm


These posts are from a while ago, figured I would post them on this forum too.

new to forum and motorbikes. Just bought my first road bike, a 70's Suzuki A100. I think it's a 73 or 74. It's been off the road since '77 and is a bit rough in places. It has no papers or documents so I'm going to have to look into getting it back on the road. Plan just now is to get it running and registered.
From what I gather these bikes are relatively rare so hopefully I don't need too many parts. I'm used to working on cars and boats, I've recently finished restoring my '68 VW beetle, was a full body off resto which took 4 years.

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PostSubject: Re: Suzuki A100    Suzuki A100  EmptyTue Jan 26, 2016 2:25 pm

Here's a couple photos of the bike as it sits just now:
Suzuki A100  IMG_7399
Suzuki A100  4c8e25fd-954d-43df-ba3a-d066742effc5
Suzuki A100  00d5d386-c078-46a8-bb24-99a65a663688
Suzuki A100  Cf1cc7d3-e00e-4875-bc8b-dac8ae400d4b
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Suzuki A100  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suzuki A100    Suzuki A100  EmptyTue Jan 26, 2016 2:29 pm

Having a look at the wiring today, it didn't come with a key so I'm wiring things to the battery for now to try and get it going. My budget is roughly £0 so hopefully it doesn't need too many parts.
Think I might just wire in a toggle switch as a battery isolator instead of the ignition switch.

Got a spark after about 15 minutes of fiddling with the wiring.
Cleaned out the tank then poured fuel in it only to find out there was about 100 pin size holes in it... More like a sieve than a fuel tank.
So i got an old lawnmower tank from my Grandpa and strapped that on. Had a go at starting it but no luck. Think I'll take the carb off and clean it.
Suzuki A100  IMG_8295%201

had a go at starting it today, took the carb apart and cleaned everything, then put it back together.
carb was flooding so I took it apart again and changed the level of the float which solved that. Wouldnt start so I put some oil in the cylinder to raise compression and managed to bump start it down our driveway. Ran for about 100 meters before it ran out of fuel. Took it back to the shed, refuelled but then after a few kicks it seized up.
So I removed the head, removed exhaust then the barrel and took the piston out. The piston was seized in the barrel. Cleaned them all up but the piston has seen better days. The bottom ring is gone and the top one is compressed to the same size as the piston. There's also a chip from the bottom of the piston so I think it's worthwhile replacing the whole lot.

I put the top end back together today, got the piston assembled and put back on. Made up a new gasket for between the barrel and crankcase, really I should have bought one but the home made one from gasket material worked out very nicely. Also when I took the head off it one of the nuts was completely off and the other three were fairly loose, probably not helping the compression much... Now all done up tight.
Changed the gearbox oil too, the old oil looked very clean but better be safe.
I've marked on the 2 stroke oil tank the level of the oil in it, so I can tell if the oil pump is working after the engine has been running for a while. For now I've put 2 stroke in with the fuel, premixed, at 40:1. Test run hopefully tonight, let me know if there's anything else I should do/check!

Tried again tonight, wouldn't start so I tried putting some fuel in the cylinder and it would start and then stop. So checked the fuel line and there was a kink in the line just before the carb, sorted that and it started first time!
Took it out just down the road and some off roading, ran really well! I don't think the oil pump is working, the level is the same so I'll run premix fuel for now. It's incredibly slow but incredibly cool 8o)
I was driving it without the cover over the carb, which I've now put on. I noticed it has a rubber gasket around it, so I'm assuming air isn't meant to get in there, so maybe it was running far too lean. I tried starting it again with the cover on and it seemed to idle better, will hopefully try it again tomorrow. Heading down to Glasgow on thursday so won't be working on it until I'm home at Christmas.

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Suzuki A100  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suzuki A100    Suzuki A100  EmptyTue Jan 26, 2016 2:33 pm

Back at home for a few days so I decided to have a go at the bike while I'm waiting for a rebuilt crankshaft for my outboard.
Wouldn't start so after going through the usual process, fuel, spark etc. It turned out to be a bad plug. Replaced it with a similar one I found in the shed while I ordered a new one. Started and ran absolutely beautifully, took it for a short ride and all is well.
Suzuki A100  IMG_0562
Removed the oil tank - I'll just put oil in the fuel - and removed the battery. Also removed the mirrors and rear light, which I'll hopefully replace with a smaller one. I'll probably sell the mirrors + light unit if anyone is interested.
Couple other things done, out of the 4 bolts which hold the handlebars one of the holes had no thread, so I had to tap it to take an M10 bolt.
Still looking for a fuel tank! There's a couple on eBay but they must be from different years, not sure if they will fit but they're not identical.

So today I got to the oil pump, had to take off the gear lever, side casing, chain, to get to it. Took it apart and it looked as new, drained all the old oil from it, made sure it wasn't seized and flushed it out with carb cleaner before bleeding the new oil through. I've re-installed the oil tank put fresh oil in it, fair bit of snow out today so no much testing, I've marked the oil level so I see if it drops. Still running premix in the meantime. Also fitted the new light, which I got for free. Made a bracket for it from an old alloy radar reflector mount. Not too pretty but it works!
Also cut a chunk from the rear mudguard, looks a wee bit less dorky now I think.
Suzuki A100  IMG_0594
Suzuki A100  IMG_0595
Really rocking the rat look

Anyone know where I could get a seat like this? Or even better tips on making one? If I could harder foam and maybe use the material from the existing seat over it.
Suzuki A100  Tumblr_noekzs91941reb6d3o1_1280

Ordered a new tank from eBay, £42.50, which brings the total so far to £194.35.
It's not identical, I think from a newer model but should fit.
Suzuki A100  IMG_0600
Spent this morning modifying the seat. Took it off and marked 20mm all the way around, the borrowed an electric carving knife and set to it. Looked a bit rough after this so then tidied it up using a powerfile.
Suzuki A100  IMG_0642
Overall probably just over 20mm taken off all around. Put the cover back on and used to rivets to hold it in place.
Here's before and after:
Suzuki A100  HUZY7431
Hard to picture how it will look with the tank in place but hopefully alright
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Posts : 12
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Suzuki A100  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suzuki A100    Suzuki A100  EmptyTue Jan 26, 2016 2:36 pm

Brings us up to date, I'm away from home just now for a while.

Does anyone know if there is a performance gain to be had from changing to a K & N style filter? The stock part looks quite restrictive. Also thinking about skimming the head.
Been looking at expansion chambers, can't afford a properly designed one like Mick Abbey, but have heard Micron 50/125cc ones may work. Was thinking about using the stock downpipe and welding it on (not ideal I know but better than stock?)
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Suzuki A100  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suzuki A100    Suzuki A100  Empty

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Suzuki A100
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